The present series is a reflection on contemporary art, the latter which because of a lack of critical distance and the impact of its ever-increasing financial value still struggles to define itself. The artist chose to reinterpret famous paintings of the Renaissance portraying the Medici patrons and their time, because of the important role they played in shaping of the Renaissance, a clearly defined key point in art history.

To reinterpret these works, the artist drew from some of the most famous works of pop art and modern propaganda, whilst purposefully summarizing the paintings in a near industrial fashion reminiscent of serigraphy. The choice of making a handmade, serigraphic looking painting is to symbolize our era, in which in art the artist's humanly imperfect stroke is often less valued than having a perfect, glossy, industrial art piece. 


As a final addition to the reflection, the recycling of these images, colour patterns and techniques symbolises western contemporary art, whose conveyed message is ever so often a neverending attempt to describe itself - to quote Montaigne: "It is more of a job to interpret the interpretations than to interpret the things, and there are more books about books than about any other subject: we do nothing but write glosses about each other".

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