As a child, I would always carry my notebook, pencils and imagination around, to draw a monument, a sculpture, anything that would catch my eye and that I could draw inspiration from. As I grew up, I never stopped drawing and one day I thought that it was time for me to focus on my dream.


While I was studying for my final exams in high school, I created my first real series of paintings, which granted me high praises from my professors. Later on and for a few years, I focused on another artistic discipline, acting, but I couldn't stay away from my pencils and brushes for long.


Meanwhile, I created my first two video installations in the frame of my history of avant-garde cinema course at La Sorbonne. These again gathered good critics and from that point on, I decided to focus all my energy on creating art, which you will discover on the present website. I decided to do everything in my power to make the dream come true!