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I am a French conceptual and Pop Art artist based in Vienna, Austria. Upon completion of my Bachelors in Law and Art History at La Sorbonne in Paris and a Master’s Degree, I started working for the United Nations. There, the causes I worked for lent me the ideas that would shape and give birth to my art series revolving around environmental issues and animal rights.


I use a variety of mediums, such as photography, sculpture and painting, choosing what will induce the most potent effect and as my art evolves across time.

My main sources of inspiration are the Renaissance and Japanese art - ancient and contemporary. The Venetian Renaissance has shaped my taste for colours and artists like Bronzino from the Florentine Renaissance have taught me the importance of drawing and the simplicity of the colourless line, which go hand in hand with the former.

Through contemporary Japanese art, I learnt how to use contemporary imagery to appeal to a wide audience and materialise a strong message, and through its ancient art, I learnt the importance of poetry to create an impact.


My works are a blend of conceptual and aesthetics, in the fact that each of them carry a message and are the expression of a concept, but each of them are aesthetic. The latter can easily be grasped by the viewer, which draws them closer, and is followed by the understanding of the concept, which in doing so raises awareness.

The year 2018 marked my first exhibition in Florence, which since then has been followed by a constant flow of opportunities to showcase my works, including among others Paris, London, Zürich, Berlin, Venice, New York, South Korea and Dubai. In 2020, I won the Kalos Art Prize for one of my paintings from the “Medici” series.

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