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Desert Elephant  of Namibia  I


photography, edition of six

123 x 70 cm



"Based on historic records and archaeological evidence, Namibia's desert elephants once ranged along ephemeral rivers from the Kunene River in the north (along the border with Angola) to the Kuiseb River in central Namibia (at the northern edge of the massive dune fields that characterize the Southern Namib Desert). However, because of historic over-hunting, wartime poaching, and ongoing human-elephant conflict and poaching, the range of desert elephants has been reduced to five subpopulations along the Hoarusib, Hoanib, Uniab, Huab, and Ugab Rivers. There are approximately 150 desert elephants remaining. [...] 

The Desert Lion and Elephant Conservation promotes the long-term conservation of Namibia’s desert-dwelling lion and elephant populations through research, monitoring, and the sharing of knowledge" - Desert Lion and Elephant Conservation.  

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