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80 x 60 cm


One of the big technological advances during  World War I, was the Krupp canons, which fueled  battles. The influence of the Krupp company on this war, driven by economic purposes, questions the impact of economic interests on human lives and the role played by the political class, who allows such situations. 


Since the creation of the Silk Road, trade has been a way to ensure a country's continuous and growing prosperity. World War I has often been attributed to the death of Franz-Ferdinand, which led to the creation of two sides. Nevertheless, the war had already been on the brink of exploding for quite some time, as the Russians were starting to expand and threaten British interests in the Near & Far East. When the war started, some sided with the British and some with the Russians. The Archduke's death was the trigger factor that brought the economic issues to the next level of warfare.  

The Krupp canon is represented both in the shape of a funerary monument, to epitomize its effet, and of a lipstick, to symbolise its mass production. The red brush strokes at the mouth of the canon are reminiscent of the fallen soldiers' blood.


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