50 x 65 cm


In a capitalistic society, brands and images shape the human imagination at the earliest possible age and herewith the future buyers' tastes. Ads teach little girls certain values in order to turn them into an easy marketing target: make-up as soon as their parents allow it, 0% products to stay thin, a certain kind of clothes depending on the ever-changing fashion that requires a woman to purchase new clothes every season, anti-aging creams when thin lines start to appear, etc.


This collage made of the ads I looked up to as a child, is a testament to the way a child's mentality can be molded to fit standards. The collage is covered with a thin plastic layer, symbolising the plastic age we are living in and the fake ideals conveyed by ads. Models, often called "icons", have replaced gods and the ideals to look up to. Has consumerism become the new religion, as many argue?

© 2020 by Vethan Sautour.