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In this work, a selection of people are being asked questions about their religion and their thoughts about religion's role into politics. Coming from different countries and different religious backgrounds, they are all being asked the same questions in an naturalistic fashion to bring out their true selves. The means to film this video as well as the way in which the participants are being asked to answer the questions aim to give a feeling of intimacy and individuality. The beauty is found in the authenticity of the people shown, as well as the truthfulness of their answers. 

The first batch of people were interviewed together, whereas the second batch were interviewed separately, which gave rise to differences in their behaviours and answers. Towards the end, a third person, whom can only be heard, answers one of the questions and again, the atmosphere is different from the two previous groups. 


The video is introduced by an excerpt of Mikhail Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita shown on title cards similar to the ones used in silent films. Satan stumbles upon Ivan and Berlioz, who discuss the existence of God, they claim to be atheists. Satan tries to demonstrate his own existence to them and the story unfolds, he continues the discussion with the participants, as well as the viewers.

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