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In "Endangerment", Vethan Sautour created life-size animal sculptures to make the audience aware of the reality of these individuals' existence through their encounter.


In meeting them, the creatures lose their abstract nature due to geographic remoteness, they leave the realm of the unknown and of imagination, and the issues they face become all the more real to the viewer.


These 15cm long sculptures are made of a strong resin coated with a deep sophisticated red colour between shiny and mat and are limited to 170.

Pop Art Red Fox Limited Edition

SKU: 001
€ 420,00Price
  • The sculptures are made of strong resin and are 15cm long. They should be kept away from water, heat sources and uv-rays. They are not suitable for infants and children ; they are not a toy. Dusting should be performed very gently with a soft microfiber cloth.

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