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The screen shows two separate videos put together in a split screen. On the left-hand side is shown a woman about to eat lunch. She is not really hungry and doesn't lack food, she only decides to sit down to eat; because it is time to eat. The food doesn't seem to be to her liking. The video on the right-hand side shows a simple black screen and drum music is playing. So strong that the soundtrack of the video on the left is barely audible.

The music created and performed by Hector Gomez, is a mix of african drum sounds, the like of which reminds us of Guinean percussionist Mamady Keïta, paired with an argentian flair unique to the creator. The intensity of the music is in direct contrast with the banality of the scene we are witnessing in plain daylight on the left-hand side. Unlike the latter, the music comes from a black screen. This mirrors the little voice people in need have in the media, in comparison with the entertainment news, which floods first world countries' media, where people waste, what others would need.

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