In the last few years, globalisation and capitalism have attempted to melt all existing cultures into one through standardisation. Part of the reason is that the homogenisation of consumers make for simpler marketing strategies and serves the financial purpose of companies. 

On the other hand, the rise of extremist factions around the globe, who have sought to impose their vision of the world as the only valid way, have pursued a similar objective of merging world populations into one. In their case, their objective is also to control peoples, so they can behave in the way they want them to, however in their case resisting often means annihilation. 

These institutional attempts at changing human behaviour came with a lot of suffering, whether psychological or physical. In both cases, women and girls are part of the prime categories of people to be direly impacted by these phenomenons.


Drawing its title from the United Nation's solidarity campaign "He for She" for gender equality,  this series tackles issues encountered by women around the world, primarily caused by the pursuit of power and control, and that still need to be dealt with.

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