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canvas work using a modified photograph

120 x 80 cm and 90 x 60 cm
each format is unique


This work is in memory of Giulio Regeni, who died in Egypt in 2016. 

The pixelation reflects the theme of fading memory and  comes from a willingness to make him, on the far right of the picture, unrecognisable, to create a contrast with the unremitting use of his image and story that followed his death, without knowing if this is something he would have wanted. 


Beyond the theme of memory, this work poses the question of fame and the contemporary individual's obsessional need of posting pictures of himself and his entire life on social networks. The fact of someone becoming famous because of the way he died, questions the nature of fame and on a wider level, whether becoming famous is truly something to look for. 

Moreover, this image tackles the matter of using someone's picture after his death without his or her consent. During their lifetime, people are entitled to rights regarding the use of their image, but when they die, especially if it is in tragic circumstances, their picture and story get media coverage - they lose their image rights. In the media, dramatic stories often become money-driven and aim at being sensational, but in some cases it happens that the media publishes crucial details of an investigation, which can have dire consequences for the victims.


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