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Vethan Sautour - History of Mankind - Fa


oil and pencil

40 x 30 cm


To complete his unforgettable neorealist movie Bicycle Thieves, considered one of the best movies of all time, Vittorio De Sicca casted non-actors. His purpose was to give his audience the most faithful depiction of reality.  


Lamberto Maggiori plays Antonio, father of a young boy, who is suffering from the dire economic situation of Italy in the aftermath of WWII and is trying to feed his son and himself. Maggiori portrays an incredibly raw image of that time and the misery of Italians, which uniqueness he draws from his own experience of having witnessed or gone through the self-same misery. De Sicca's pursuit of realism extends to the point that he asked of his actors not to pursue an acting career, as according to him, professionnalisation could only ruin the truthfulness of their performance.

Through neorealism, empathy through storytelling reached its paroxysm.

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