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canvas work using a modified photograph

120 x 80 cm and 90 x 60 cm
each format is unique


My dad passed away in 2007. The memory of those closest to us is probably those we will least forget in our lives. For this reason, this work is less pixelated than the other three in the series.

The close-up and the lack of empty space in the photograph, symbolises the strong intimacy inherent to this family. It also aims to bring a feeling of voyeurism to the viewer, who is not part of this intimate unit. He only gets to know these people through a pixelated photography, made to express the passing of someone. The viewer becomes thereby an actor of the tragedy. 

Incisions made in the canvas between the three people stands for the emotional violence resulting from the loss of a parent, and for death as the final cut of the umbilical chord. 


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