photography, edition of six

123 x 70 cm


Mali elephants are a species which can survive in very harsh conditions, including sandstorms and blistering temperatures. However, climate change and poaching is what brought the decline of this most enduring animal.


It is in 2012 that poachers took advantage of the lack of security in the country to expand their business, killing 162 individuals that year. It might not seem much, unless one takes into account the fact that there are only a little over 250 left in the world in our present day.  By some, they are considered the most threatened elephant species in Africa and in 2016, their extinction was estimated to reach completion within the three following years. 

Fortunately, Mali created an anti-poaching brigade consisting of rangers and army forces to prevent the disappearance of the species.  The government also approved in May 2020 the project to extend the Gourma Elephant Biodiversity Reserve in eastern Mali to preserve and rehabilitate the natural habitat of the species.