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100 x 150 cm


Political instability and food shortages are common to many African countries. Unfortunately for their peoples, there is a near complete lack of media coverage in the Western world of their plight.

For financial reasons, the media mainly covers what its readers want to read and this creates a vicious circle, as without media coverage, little change can take place in today's world, wherein the spread of information is key. At present, the horrors endured in these countries are more often than not hard to grasp for western societies, especially for those who have not known war in their time. They  are unreal and forgettable.


This work aims to present the recurrent pattern taking place in these countries in times of conflict and in the aftermath of the conflict. At this point in time, the most impacted social categories are economic minorities, often women, the elderly and poor people.

As social unrest and a lack of political institutions pushes populations to go back to reassuring conservative values, the end result is often filled with acts of racism, an increase in rapes and a decline in the rights of the weaker categories of people. The rule of man and the law of the fittest replaces the rule of law and hell breaks loose.


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